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A bit about me

i started riding back in '96. i'd always wanted and lusted after bikes but for one reason or another it never happened. Then i met Hunny, she had a bike and taught me to ride. Hey, i'm not stupid! a tall, pretty, intelligent red head wants to date me..? i married her.

AH 111

my relationship with biking prompted me to look online for sources of information and like minded people. Not knowing what i'd find I stumbled into some incredibly resourceful groups (check out the links page) who I'm still actively involved with. I also run something called the SONS [Southern OntarioNetScum] email list for local riders. That patch on the right is mine, and if you dig around the net you'll surely find some references to it's meaning... in real life i'm an IT consultant, i specialize in implementing ITIL processes and project management around infrastructure and support, pretty exciting, eh?

i have 3 kids, my oldest son rides with me all the time, the others are too young for now but that won't last. I'm sure we'll be flipping coins for the passenger seat soon enough :-)

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